Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jason Giambi and the Golden Thong

I know, I know, baseball is a boring sport, almost as boring as soccer. But, you have to admit the uniforms really show off bis and butts.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Googie man (distributed under the GNU Free Documentation license, on Wikipedia Commons)

I would love to see this guy in a thong. Too bad he wears his baseball uniform with it. The story from

Jason Giambi has a deep, dark secret. Deeper than his compulsion to sleep on the side of the bed nearest the door, and darker than his dream of growing up to be a heavy-metal musician.

The deepest, darkest secret harbored by the New York Yankees first baseman is that whenever he is in a prolonged hitting funk, he wears a gold lamé, tiger-stripe thong under his uniform. "I only put it on when I'm desperate to get out of a big slump," he confides.

Over Giambi's checkered career in the Bronx, he has left the "golden thong" in the lockers of slumping teammates Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Johnny Damon, Robin Ventura, and Robinson Cano. "All of them wore it and got hits," he reports. "The thong works every time." has some cute pics of Giambi in their blog posting.

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