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Teabagging Photos from Flickr

I love how the crazy rightist nutjobs are calling their protests "teabagging." I guess they don't know that teabagging is putting your balls in someone else's mouth. Progressive Eruptions is running a hysterical photo of a really dumb teabagger from the April 15 astroturf rallies.

Two can play at this game. I have found funny photos on Flickr mocking the whole teabagging thing or funny photos of the protests. The rightists sure have provided us with comedy gold.

guy with teabags in front of his balls
Photo: Really Boring

I laugh at how this clown with the blank expression thinks he speaks for everyone in the country.

protester with sign that says We the people have had enough
Photo: Brenden Loy

What is a good Christian woman like her doing teabagging in public? (Her comment about America being a Christian nation is wrong too.)

Idiot with sign that says America is a Christian Nation
Photo: Brenden Loy

Cry me a river for rich people who don't want to pay their fair share in taxes.

balloon filled with water that says tears for taxes
Photo: Brenden Loy

I wonder if poor Brenden sees the unintentional humor in so many of the photos he took of the teabagging imbeciles.

This imbecile's sign is hysterically funny. This kind of nonsense only seems sensible to a true Randroid.

protester with sign saying yes we can make a virtue out of selfishness
Photo: Sterno74

Sorry guys, I've looked at over 100 teabagging protest photos on Flickr, and none of the guys were hot.

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