Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weird But Funny Video Mocking Mormons

One of the best ways to confront hate groups like the KKK, the Christian Coalition, and the Mormon Church is through mockery.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

James Callis Is So Cute


Callis looking bashful
Photo: SoulCookie

Callis standing in front of Katee Sackoff nametag
Photo: kwc

Callis with Dirk Benedict
Photo: Ross N.

callis posing in picture with female fan
Photo: carencey

Callis posing with male fan
Photo: rwillia532

Note to amateur psychologists: my attraction is based on the assumption that the actor is not a psychopath like the character he plays.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Still More Hunks from Flickr

These hunks have that oh, so important chest hair.

hunk in leather jacket on roof
Photo: conorwithonen

Photo: CharlesFred

Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless on movie set
Photo: Jogos4Gamers

hunk on cell phone at event with a horse
Photo: CharlesFred

hunk at beach bar with employee
Photo: CharlesFred

hunk on the beach
Photo: alstrl@rs

Two Funny Rush Limbaugh Pics

I know, I know. Rush Limbaugh is an awfully easy target. But, he's such a rotten person I feel no guilt at exploiting what a joke he is. Here are some funny pics of someone who is the leading voice of the Republican Party.

Limbaugh and Clear Channel get the respect they deserve:
Limbaugh billboard gets it with different colors of spray paint
Photo: p373

I couldn't resist putting up Rush's booking blotter.
Pic of Rush in a lot of trouble
Image: scottobear

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Touching Hugh Jackman Where?????

Do you know how many other people have exerted the incredible will power not to do what this guy did?

Hat tip to AKA William

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Gargantuan Impact of Rush Limbaugh

Intimidated Republicans better step aside and make room for Rush Limbaugh when he walks into the building. He is a huge presence in the GOP. Limbaugh casts a shadow over the entire party and has an enormous impact on the Republican congressional agenda. He'll squash any opposition within the party like a pancake.

His heavy emphasis on far right values is a big treat for his fans. Feeding his gargantuan ego, Limbaugh's network of radio stations covers a wide variety of radio markets. The bulk of his audience is in red states where they like their leaders larger than life. Limbaugh may not have a vast understanding of the Constitution or the immense issues of the day, but the profits he generates are colossal.

He may be the biggest planet in the talk radio solar system, but Limbaugh's opponents generally think he is a pig. Yet, the party of the elephant still loves Rush. It will be an immense amount of time before his celebrity goes the way of the woolly mammoth.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Is Fun to Watch If You Don't Listen to What He Has to Say

CNN, being good corporate media shills, gave Rush Limbaugh a ton of airtime today at a rightist fringe convention. Being a captive audience at the gym, I decided to make the best of it.

Limbaugh really is a comic figure. He is so slothful and out of control in his eating that he is one of the most rotund public figures today. He literally has to look up all the time. That way he only has two chins. If he looks forward or down, he has three or four chins.

He also has this odd way of bouncing up and down while he speaks. That, plus his physique, remind me of those old Weeble toys. I kept thinking, "Limbaugh wobbles but he don't fall down."

I caught bits and pieces of his ranting, which is more fun than really listening to it. One comedy gem was when he said, "Don't insult peoples' intelligence." He does that all the time on his show.

He also seemed not to know that when you say something really stupid and awful, you change the subject if possible. Instead, he ranted and raved, bouncing up and down for what seemed to be an eternity rationalizing his comment about hoping Obama would fail.

Limbaugh also manages to create a pose where he looks self righteous and goofy at the same time. Can you imagine a really, really wide version of the Michelin Man trying to act all superior and shit?

His lack of self control seems to extend beyond porking out. I caught a bit where he said he had run over his allotted time by over an hour. He and his flock can't get enough of his voice.

I can. It's much more fun to watch the show without paying much attention to the words.

Rush is big enough to be two people. Maybe he can be his own running mate for a 2012 presidential race.