Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sloppy's Bbq Has the Phone Number "FAT COCK"

In a particularly bored moment, I decided to Google and see who had the phone number FAT COCK (328-2625).

Sloppy's Bbq in Texas has the number.

Another funny place to have that phone number is Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in South Carolina. They sell artificial limbs.

You can get a quit smoking kit in Nevada by dialing FAT COCK. Or, you could go to a bed and breakfast in Iowa.

Somebody was selling a jackhammer at that number on Craig's list, but the ad was deleted by the author.

Hairy Hunks from Flickr

Furry muscles are always nice:

Photo: Darwin Bell

This pic improved my mood:

shot above waist of furry musclemen
Photo: jockfriend

Here's a shot of the DC Strokes Rowing Club:

hairy hunk with his rowing buddies
Photo: M.V. Jantzen

At least the goofy outfits don't obscure the nice chest hair:

furry guys wearing underwear and hats
Photo: clemente

Strongman competition guy:

Photo: highstrungloner

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dear Scare-a Palin

As an homage to the fabulous Ask Sofanda Cox on My 2 Cents, GLH Playground will have its own (hopefully one time only) advice column: Dear Scare-a Palin.

Dear Scare-a:
The neighbor's dog is barking like crazy. I can't stand it any more. What do I do?

- Weary in Wasilla
Dear Weary: Get in a helicopter and shoot it.

Dear Scare-a:

The couple down the street has loud parties, and they don't even pray to Jeebus. I hate them. How do I solve the problem?

- Nervous in Nome
Dear Nervous: Get in a helicopter and shoot them.

Dear Scare-a:

A nun has moved in our neighborhood, and her habits are so tacky. She's downgrading the fashion quotient of our block. I don't want to have to move. How do handle this?

- Fed Up in Fairbanks
Dear Fed Up: Get in a helicopter and shoot her.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Godless Liberal Homo Is a Super Hero

Comic Book Cover with the gay superhero The Great Masked Philanthropist

Toiling in obscurity as the grumpy blogger Godless Liberal Homo, his secret identity, this hero fights for truth, justice, and as many chances to get laid as possible. The gayest superhero ever dons his pink spandex, wispy cape, and shows off his Mary muscles to the whole world. Evil doers: you better watch out for his bag of tricks. You never know what you might find in there.

Want to be a hero? You too can play with the Hero Factory. Hat tip to My 2 Cents.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Adobe Finally Made a Version of Reader Which Works on My Mac


Preview is great for looking at pictures, but its capabilities for working with PDFs are rather limited. This is the third time I've downloaded and tried to install Adobe Reader over the past three years. This time, it actually worked. PDFs are behaving properly now.

Little things can create a lot of satisfaction.