Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chocolate Sacrilege!

picture of a cross made of chocolate

Chocolate is incredibly yummy, and sacrilege is a lot of fun. What do you get when we combine the two?

Chocolate Sacrilege!

I got this from a candy store that caters to Catholics. Remembering from when I was a child and was still a Christian and a Protestant, I remember how Catholics liked all these naughty idolatrous things that were a no-no according to something silly like a Biblical perspective. These days, the Catholics in my neighborhood still carry an ugly statue of a saint around in a little parade, something that could result in hellfire and brimstone, according to some versions of Protestant mythology.

The more sacrilegious something is, the more forbidden and fun it is for my now that I'm a middle aged atheist. That makes some Catholic practices kind of fun to have around now.

By the way, here's some more Chocolate Sacrilege from the Wikimedia Commons chocolate page (a great source for chocolate eye candy in general).

An edible Jesus:
Jesus ChocolatePhoto Credit: Jorge Barrios

(Remember when the heterosexist, misogynistic, Catholic supremacists at the "Catholic League" threw a tantrum over the nekkid Chocolate Jesus statue? Warning! The photo gallery may make some viewers hungry.)

Now, a Belgian St. Nicholas confection:
Chocolate St. Nicholas
Photo distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License.


DJ said...

You know, I feel bad when I bite the head off a chocolate bunny. I don't think I could eat those...

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I like the one in the middle...