Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mormons Inspire Comedy

This is surrealistic, but hysterically funny.

Mormon Cult Delivers Prop 8 Message

Mormons have funky underwear. I love it when the Christers and the Morons battle it out.

Magic Mormon Underwear

An old lady gives Mormon missionaries what they deserve. I don't think her "pig fuckers" comment should be taken literally.

Mormons get owned (pwnded)

Let's not leave the Scientologists out of the fun.

CULT WARS III: Scientologists vs. Mormons vs. Xenu/Anonymous

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cheyanne said...

The magic underpants video is hillarious. Stephen Colbert would have a field day with this. He used to do a skit on John Stewart's Show titled "This Week In God" where he kinda mocked all religions...Verry funny stuff.