Sunday, November 23, 2008

Am I Too Butch?

Girl, I gotta do something about this. According to the magic of Genderanalyzer:
We have strong indicators that is written by a man (93%).

Interestingly enough, they thought there was only an 83% chance that my serious blog, Godless Liberal Homo, was written by a man.

I'll have to scratch their eyes out. I might lose my mo card.

Fey Friends, which gets the hat tip for this one did much better. The Genderanalyzer "artificial intelligence" said that there was a 92% chance that blog was written by a woman.


madhouse 6 said...

thank god - We think is written by a man (86%). - i'm still butch.

libhom said...

madhouse 6: Good for you, girlfriend. ;)

Lika Starr said...

Ok, Lib, This is upsetting. I just checked my site and the results are... Drum Roll Please!

We guess is written by a man (54%), however it's quite gender neutral.

Funny stuff!

I guess they can't figure out what the hell I am. lmao, welcome to my world!

libhom said...

Lika Starr: You kicked my ass.