Friday, August 29, 2008

Book Review: I Hate Ann Coulter by Unanimous

The Strand Books Annex in Lower Manhattan is closing (boo hiss). Before they close that location, they are selling books really cheap (woo hoo). I managed to by I Hate Ann Coulter for $2.50 (woo hoo).

It's a short and incredibly bitchy book written by some guy about the Coultergeist (I called her that before I heard about Olbermann doing it, and I'm sure you thought of it too.). She is one mean, ugly monster, and that's just her personality.

A fun passage from the book:
She calls Pamella Harriman and Patricia Duff "whores," but she arrives at the Today show at 6:00 a.m. in last night's cocktail dress.

I've always wondered if Coulter changed clothes monthly or if she had an enormous closet filled with dresses that look like part of witch's costume for Halloween. Also, is her hair naturally urine blond, or does she get it done that way on purpose?

I love the section of the book on "Al Pieda," the two guys who threw pies at the evil one. The recipe for the "Tofu Terror Pie" (a tofu cream pie recipe) ends quite swimmingly:
Throw at Ann Coutler

I personally can't stand most cream pies and think all of them (except for the chocolate ones) should be thrown at Coulter, Hannity, etc.

The book quoted the incredible Coulterbeast saying something that probably gave a lot of people ideas:
I have to say I'm all for public flogging.

Let's try the flails out on you, Ann! Anyway, the book has one photo of Ann as a dominatrix that obviously was faked since the woman's body had visible breasts.

If you have had a rotten week like I did, you will especially appreciate the venom Unanimous spewed at the most venomous pundit of all. Here are some things I hate almost as much as Coulter.

- Velvet Elvis paintings
- Screaming children
- Lima Beans
- Traffic jams
- Unreality television
- Filling out tax forms

(Note: I thought about using the "hairy" label, but realized that would be a bad idea since I only want to see posts about hot hairy guys when I click on that.)

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