Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Humor of Linda McMahon's Senate Campaign

You can say a lot of terrible things about Linda McMahon, and they would be true. But, she has had the virtue of adding much needed humor to this year's nauseating election cycle. I should point out that when I was looking over past videos to put up again, I found that many of them had been taken down due to pressure from the WWE.

Here's the best political parody video I've ever seen. It was surgical in its brilliance.

Here's some hysterical video from the WWE where Linda pretends to threaten to castrate her husband.

Linda Will Cut Vince's Grape Fruits
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Here's Ms. McMahon's current son in law, talking about the simulated necrophilia scene he appeared in while Linda was WWE CEO.

Here's something from a posting on my more serious blog, in which I explore the idea of a Sunday School run by Linda McMahon.
Now, I've found out that "Superstar Billy Graham," a former pro wrestler has been making some allegations about her that add to the comedic value of her GOP Senate campaign. From the Hartford Courant 11/18/09:
"She may look like a Sunday school teacher," Graham said, but he insists nothing could be further from the truth. "Linda McMahon's hands are as bloody as her husband's because she is aware of every move in the ring," he said.

That quote is hysterical. This is the image I get of a Sunday school run by former WWE CEO Linda McMahon.

1) The little girls would all have breast implants.

2) The little boys would hit each other with garbage cans and slam each other into precut tables.

3) The baby Jesus would have his own Titantron with death metal music.

4) The image of the "Virgin" Mary would be with her in a thong.

I'm really surprised that standup comics didn't mine her campaign for more material.

There was an even earlier posting where I took full advantage of her campaign's snark potential, asking these questions.
Is the campaign fake like the WWE?

Will she challenge her opponents to a "bra and panties match"?

If she gets elected, will she clock Harry Reid with a steel chair or a garbage can?

Will she hire an evil manager who is faking being foreign to alienate dim people and cheat in the election for her?

Will she have an announcer go on, and on, and on about her "puppies"?

Will she create a really weird angle where she fakes her death?

Will she be a Diva and brag that she is better looking than all the other women in the Senate and can kick their asses?

Will she make her Senate staffers kiss her rear end on nationwide television?

Will she get breast implants and campaign in a bikini?

Will she make WWE performers debate her and have the debates fixed in her favor?

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