Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Last CBS Show I Watch Is Going Away

The long running soap, As the World Turns, has been canceled by CBS. This soap had the first gay male character with an actual love life. It was the second soap to be canceled by the network. Guiding Light was axed recently.

Here's what I wrote on the CBS feedback form.

I find it sad and ironic that CBS is canceling the last CBS show that I am watching, As the World Turns. Your network, and TV in general, have gone so far downhill in recent years that I don't see the point. As the World Turns was the one CBS show that was even worth watching on the Internet after I got rid of my cable last month.

CBS is a dinosaur.

I really loved the Nuke couple, and I really appreciated the stellar acting that usually rescued the writing which often needed a lot of help.

I am feeling so good about my decision to jettison the cable TV. There is less and less that's worth watching anyway.

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