Sunday, August 30, 2009

LOL Becks

This idea is catching on. Tengrain from Mock, Paper, Scissors gets a shoutout and a hat tip for passing along this Internet meme. Outside the Interzone has some great LOL Becks. I was looking for Glenn Beck pics on Flickr, and it turns out there already was a LOL Beck there for the grabbing, via Creative Commons license.

picture of Beck with caption saying I huntz polar bears to savez awl mandkindz
Image: silas216

Of course, I had to recaption it.

"i razes my ahbrou to looks like i iz thinkin."

Your ideas?

Anyway, Outside the Interzone has plenty more LOL Becks.



Lockwood said...

Hey, thanks for the link and for listing me in your blogroll! Glad you enjoy them; finding this sort of post through my visitor stats gives me motivation to do more. Motivation is hard to come by for us commifascistislamiliberal types in this country these days. Even though we outnumber them 3:1 (at least), the Beck and Limbaugh types seem to completely control our national discourse and direction. This country is off its rocker. Sorry, rest of the planet.

Lockwood said...

BTW, even though I haven't listed my site under Creative Commons, that's what I consider it to be. Feel free to swipe anything you like.