Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dear Scare-a Palin

As an homage to the fabulous Ask Sofanda Cox on My 2 Cents, GLH Playground will have its own (hopefully one time only) advice column: Dear Scare-a Palin.

Dear Scare-a:
The neighbor's dog is barking like crazy. I can't stand it any more. What do I do?

- Weary in Wasilla
Dear Weary: Get in a helicopter and shoot it.

Dear Scare-a:

The couple down the street has loud parties, and they don't even pray to Jeebus. I hate them. How do I solve the problem?

- Nervous in Nome
Dear Nervous: Get in a helicopter and shoot them.

Dear Scare-a:

A nun has moved in our neighborhood, and her habits are so tacky. She's downgrading the fashion quotient of our block. I don't want to have to move. How do handle this?

- Fed Up in Fairbanks
Dear Fed Up: Get in a helicopter and shoot her.


Nathan said...

Dear Scare-a Palin:

There is this really annoying governor who won't go away. The country voted and made it clear how they felt about her, but she just won't crawl into an igloo and disappear like I want her to.

What should I do to make her shut up...? ;)

libhom said...

Scare-a Palin: You should pray to Jeebus for forgiveness for those thoughts.

Nathan said...

In other news... I hear Sarah Palin will be the new face of Kellogg's :P

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely convinced that Sofanda and Scare-a Palin aren't related in some way. They're both batshit crazy!