Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Are So Many Hairdressers Such Incredible Asswipes?

I just had the worst experience in a hair salon that I can remember, though I've had plenty of bad ones before. The guy was someone who I had gone to a couple of times, and he did good jobs then. However, this time, without warning, he decided to hack away at my hair, giving me a disgusting short haircut. I noticed two inch pieces of hair on the smock while he was talking to me, and I realized just how badly he had screwed me over.

After he had massacred the right side, he started on the left side. He asked my if it was too short, knowing that it already was too late to stop unless I wanted a completely lopsided haircut.

I will never go back to that place again.

This was an extreme example of how shitty most hairdressers are. The typical pattern is that they will listen to you for the first couple of haircuts. Then, they will think they are free to do whatever amuses them with your hair after that. The incompetence and lack of professionalism most of them show is really pathetic.

I remember when I lived in DC. I finally found somebody really good. Then, 911 happened, and a lot of the conservative idiots there suddenly became too bigoted to patronize an Arab owned establishment. He eventually had to close the place. I found somebody else who was not as good, but wasn't bad and listened to people.

After moving to New York, I have yet found a place I could keep going to. Sooner or later, I have had to switch. Most of them because they stopped listening, but one guy just got sloppy after a while.

There are some things hairdressers need to realize.

Haircuts are for the people who live with them, not for you.

Haicutting is not something you should think of as a creative outlet. If you want to be creative, take an art class.

You don't know what is best for people. You don't take care of peoples' hair on a daily basis.

The worst thing about all of this is going to the gym. There are mirrors everywhere, and mirrors are really useful for having good form. But, I hate seeing the results of what some idiotic asswipe did to me over and over again.

There needs to be a warning service for bad hairdressers.


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